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General Instructions to Visitors  

Apart from patients who visit the hospital from across India, and sometimes from abroad, the hospital also attracts a large number of visitors who are drawn to the hospital marvelled by its architectural splendour and the efficient services being provided to the patients. It has been our experience, that many visitors and patients alike, at first glance mistake the hospital to be a temple. Well we can only add that, it is indeed a temple…a temple of healing and a temple of transformation.

The visitors are requested to enter from the Main Gate only. Entry from the East gate (patient gate) is reserved for patients only. Visit timings are from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm on working days. The hospital is closed to visitors on Sundays and holidays.

On the path leading from the main gate to the Central Dome of the hospital one comes across the idol of Brindavan Krishna and further down of Dhanvantri, the God of medicine in Hindu mythology.

A few steps ahead from the Dhanvantri idol is the richly decorated Central Dome of the hospital, a primary attraction among the visitors. It is the hospital’s  prayer hall. The 85- feet-high and 80-feet-diameter dome has granite flooring.  The hospital blends ancient Indian architectonics with modern functionality. A one-and-a-half tonne Venetian chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the dome.

Reflecting Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba’s philosophy of equality towards all religions, emblems and motifs of different religions adorn the walls of the dome.

In the dome, the images and sculptures of Elephant, Peacock and Lion are ubiquitous. They are also seen carved on the wooden doors of the main entrance to the dome. These images are symbolic. Elephant signifies intelligence; peacock signifies skill, while the Lion signifies courage. It is a message to people that they should inculcate and draw on the qualities symbolically depicted by these animals to lead a spiritually fulfilling life.    

Visitors entering the central dome have to leave their footwear at a designated place outside the hall. Once inside the hall they are requested to observe silence.

With specific permission from the administration, the visitors can go around the hospital. Such visitors are allowed only to visit the ground floor of the hospital. They are not allowed to enter the first floor, as it houses sterile areas like the operation theatres, Intensive Care Units and Critical Care Units.

On the ground floor, the visitors can walk along the main corridor. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Out Patient Departments or the Wards. This is to make sure that the patients and the consultants are not disturbed.

On the ground floor is a permanent photo exhibition on the life and mission of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. While on the ground floor, the visitors could visit the same.

Photography is allowed only inside the central dome. Visitors can also take photographs of the hospital from outside (the front portion of the hospital only). Visitors are not allowed to take photos anywhere else. This is only to preserve the privacy of the patients who visit the hospital.

Important instructions

  • Please do not enter the hospital with footwear.
  • Please remain silent while inside the hospital.
  • While inside the hospital if you require any guidance, the sevadal (men in blue scarves, women in yellow, orange scarves) will guide you.
  • Visitors are requested to use only the Main Gate for entry and exit from the hospital.
  • If you plan to visit as a group, please inform the hospital administration before hand, so that adequate arrangements could be made for you. Contact publicrelationspg@sssihms.org.in at least a week in advance.


Right of entry into the hospital is reserved with the hospital administration.


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