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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. How do I come to the hospital?
A. Refer to Location for address and location details.

Q. I have received a letter/message from the SSSIHMS. What should I do?

  • Read the letter/message carefully and note the DATE and INSTRUCTIONS.
  • If you have any doubts or queries, call patient correspondence Cell at 08555-287388 Ext 1824 or Email us at enquirypg@sssihms.org.in
  • If advised to visit the hospital, you are requested adhere to the time and date of the appointment.

Q. How do I get admitted?
Once you are screened, registered, investigated and diagnosed you may be waitlisted for surgery.

  • You will receive intimation from the hospital regarding the date for admission. This is not an invitation for admission in the hospital
  • On the date of admission you will be completely screened by the doctors.
  • You will be admitted only after you are found fit for surgery or intervention.
  • If found unfit you may not be admitted.

Before you start from your residence please follow the check list given below:

  • Confirm your appointment
  • One attendant is compulsory. The attendant has to be related to the patient by blood.
  • Bring all previous medical records. Both, records from other medical institutions and any medical records given to you by SSSIHMS.
  • To avoid any inconvenience, make your travel arrangements such that you come to the hospital on the appointed day, before 8.30 a.m.

Q. I have lost my SSSIHMS medical records. What should I do?
SSSIHMS medical records have to be kept safely. Inadvertently if they are lost then the only way is to approach the department concerned and seek its guidance. You could also consult the Medical Records Division of the hospital for guidance.

Please note that the diagnostic and support services of Radiology, laboratory, physiotherapy, Dietary, and Counselling are provided for all patients, by referral from doctors of the SSSIHMS only.

Important instruction for foreign patients

  • All foreign patients visiting the hospital for treatment must carry a valid Medical Visa


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