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Department of Laboratory Services - Biochemistry

The laboratory analyses about 200 samples a day & the average number of tests is about 1000 a day.
This includes routine chemistry, hormones & tumor markers. The lab is equipped with fully automated analyzers AU 400 and EM 200, Cobas e411, Osmotat 3000 and D10.

• Routine chemistry tests like Liver function tests, Renal function tests, electrolytes, Special enzymes like Amylase , LDH , CPK and special protein tests, CRPhs & microproteins are done on AU400 and EM200.
• Thyroid tests, tumor markers and cardiac marker, Troponin are done on Cobas e411.
• D10 analyzer is exclusive for testing HbA1C. Besides Blood samples, Urine samples, Fluids (Peritoneal, Pericardial, Pleural, CSF) are routinely done.

Unity Real Time programme from BIO-RAD enables us to have day to day Internal Quality check.

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Laboratory Services-Biochemistry, SSSIHMS-PG
Laboratory Services-Pathology, SSSIHMS-PG
Laboratory Services-Pathology, SSSIHMS-PG
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