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Department of Medical Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) was started in our Hospital on November 23, 1991 with the opening of the hospital with a simple file server and network running a Dos based EHR. In the year 1996, windows based software was introduced with servers. In the year 2007 Enterprise Hospital Information Systems (eHIS ) was introduced.
It is web based and has a good medical records module with the following features:


1. Patient search and retrieval is based on various personal parameters like name, patient ID, age, sex, district, city and state and country. We can also search the database on various clinical parameters like Diagnosis ICD 10 codes and procedures codes. EHR search the given combination of parameters and retrieves the data  and displays it.
2. Captures information of the patients at every stage: Patient details are captured right from registration of the patient to Discharge of the patient from the hospital after consultation or admission. It includes details like History and Physical, Lab investigations and other investigative reports  X- ray reports, CT reports etc, inpatient details like treatment details, surgery details and discharge summary etc are also captured.
3. Archival of old records: The medical records older then 10 years are now scanned and archived in to CDs/ DVDs and cataloged  in a database. These CDs are now more lasting and easily restored on request. This is a protection against degeneration of records.
4. Reports to various users of eHISThe program generates various reports to the different types of users in the hospital.
5. Security of eHIS : The security of medical records is a legal issue and is well taken care of in our eHIS, which allows only authorized users to access only information which are allowed to them.

Medical Records, SSSIHMS-PG
Medical Records, SSSIHMS-PG
Medical Records, SSSIHMS-PG
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