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Department of Radiology

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The department started its services on 22/11/1991 when X- ray radiographs were taken for patients who underwent Cardiac surgery on the inaugural day of the hospital. At that time the department was equipped with two X-ray machines.

The Radiology department caters to the needs of all the specialties within SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram - Cardiology/CTVS, Urology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery and GI Endoscopy. Patients referred for investigations from Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Puttaparthi and Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital.

The following investigations are carried out by the department:

Plain X-ray radiography of KUB, abdomen, chest, spine and all Orthopedic requirements are performed. Intravenous Urography (IVU) is also performed to meet the needs of the Urology department. No films are used and all X-ray images are in digital form.

Equipments used

  1. GE Tejas XR6000 650 mA X-ray
  2. Siemens Iconos R200 800 mA RF (Radiography + Fluoroscopy).
  3. AGFA 30-X Computed Radiography.
  4. Fujifilm FCR Prima XL Computed Radiography


MRI of Head, Spine, Chest, Heart, Abdomen, Pelvis,Upper and Lower Limbs are done on patients referred from all the departments of our hospital, SSSGH Prasanthi Nilayam, SSSMH and SSSIHMS Whitefield.

This MRI is a state-of-the-art 1.5T 32-channel system. It is equipped with 'TIM' which enables imaging of the whole spine without moving the patient and 'DOT' which makes scanning fast, accurate and consistent irrespective of who performs the scan. A wider gantry bore makes it less claustrophobic for patients during the scan. A patient-table that can come down to 47 cms from the floor makes it very convenient for the old and disabled to climb on to the table. The MRI is also equipped with dedicated coils for all joints thus giving high resolution images.

Equipment Used

Seimens MAGNETOM Avento

Fluoroscopy investigations
Barium studies for the Gastro-intestinal Tract, Urethral studies (RGU/MCU), Cystograms, Nephrostograms, Sinograms etc. are performed.

Equipments used

  1. 800 mA Siemens Iconos R-200 RF machine

Ultrasonography including color Doppler studies

Ultrasonography of Abdomen, KUB, Scrotum, Soft tissue is performed. Vascular studies such as Renal Doppler, Carotid doppler, Venous and Arterial Doppler studies of upper and lower limbs are done. 3D and 4D (real-time 3D) studies are also performed.

Equipments used

  1. Philips HD11 XE Color Doppler system with Volume probe.
  2. Wipro GE Logiq 400 Pro Color Doppler system

CT Scanner

GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner

It was introduced to the world by GE at the RSNA Conference at Chicago in December 2012 and installed here in the Radiology department in mid 2014.

It is a 128-slice CT scanner with a ‘Gemstone’ detector that facilitates GemStone Imaging (GSI). GSI is a unique dual energy technique that uses fast kV switching to acquire and generate material density data, enabling clinicians to identify the chemical composition of body materials and aids in the characterization of tissue and materials such as kidney stones. GSI helps reduce metal artifacts in patients who have metals implanted in them – thereby giving very good, artifact-free images for reporting. GSI allows the giving of low dose contrast injection and still gather the necessary information from the study.

Offers the best resolution in Cardiac CT scans. Along with the ‘snap-shot-freeze’ option, it renders motion-free high-quality images of the coronary arteries at a low radiation dose. The speed of the scanner ensures that a scan can be completed in less than 10 seconds!

One can see structures as small as 0.625 mm. Therefore, vascular studies of all body parts can be done with finest clarity and detail."

Equipment used

1. GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner

Orthopantamogram (OPG)

The OPG study gives a wide angle view of the teeth and mandible, images the maxilla and also the tempero-mandibular joints. Patients are referred from the Plastic Surgery department of SSSHIMS, Prasanthigram, and the Dental department of Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Equipment used

1. Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic System

DNB - Radiodiagnosis

DNB (Radiodiagnosis) was started at SSSIHMS-Whitefield in the year 2004. The 4 candidates per year have equal length of postings at SSSIHMS Whitefield and at SSSIHMS Prasanthigram during their course.

Teaching facilities offered:

  • Regular classes are taken by the Consultant with the aid of the ‘ACR (American College of Radiology) Teaching Files’ and other material available within the department in the form of books and CDs/DVDs. The ACR Teaching Files comprise hard copy films pertaining to all the organ systems of the body, their related diseases and diagnoses.
  • Regular interaction is done with Radiologists who visit the department at various times in the year. These Consultant Radiologists from USA, UK, Argentina and Australia bring didactic lectures to the DNB students and also append to the DNB students’ practical learning. The two departments at SSSIHMS Whitefield and SSSIHMS PrasanthigRam have these lectures conducted simultaneously through the video conferencing facility available in the department.
  • Lectures and case discussions are held with various Consultant Radiologists around the world through internet video conferencing software such as ‘GoToMeeting’. These softwares enable multi-user conferencing. Consultants and Residents share their computer desktop and discuss the cases performed. This helps in furthering their knowledge and also in getting special opinion on investigations performed – so that the most accurate report is provided to the clinicians.
  • The DNB students attend national and international conferences such as the IRIA and RSNA and make paper and poster presentations at these conferences.
  • Images of investigations done at SSSIHMS Whitefield can be retrieved at Prasanthigram and vice-versa. This enables sharing of knowledge and more accurate reporting through discussion of these cases.

Filmless and Paperless

From the last 3 years, the Radiology department has become totally filmless. A PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) named Synapse developed by Fujifilm has been installed. Images acquired from all the equipment in the Radiology department are stored on the PACS, which can be accessed instantly by all clinicians in all departments over the hospital’s computer network. These images are also be accessed by SSSIHMS, Whitefield and by the Radiology consultants in other countries. All the reports of investigations are made on the HIS (Hospital Information System). These reports can be accessed by Clinicians anywhere in the hospital.


The department is headed by a Senior Consultant. The residents, along with the Consultant form the team of Radiologists of the hospital. The technical team also comprises seven Radiographers and one Radiographic Assistants. A Manager, Reception Assistant, Data Entry Operators and the cleaning crew form the rest of the team of this department.

This department offers 24-hours service to all the departments of the hospital.

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